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Daycare Versus In-Home Child Care – It’s Fuzzy Math!

Back in the 1970`s, women were fighting to leave the home, and go back to work for an employer sure to pay them approximately 1/3 less than they would any male, with less qualifications. Fast forward to the 2000`s, and we`re fighting to get back out of the work-force, so that we can take responsibility for the raising of our children.

My how times have changed. For those of us who don`t have the option to start a home-based business, or quit our jobs, we have the option of putting our babies in daycare, or hiring a babysitter to come into our homes. Which option makes the most sense, and why?

Daycare is an affordable option for professional families – and in most cases, for working families. In the case of the working family or single parent home, financial assistance for daycare is available, for qualifying individuals. Having worked in daycare centers, as well as running my own family daycare home for a number of years, I can tell you completely honestly, there is no way for one “provider” to show enough love, affection, and attention to the high number of children who need something at exactly the same time. Think of it as standing in line at a concert to use the bathroom. When you really have to go, and there are 50 people ahead of you, you`re basically out of luck.

Now, imagine your precious child being in a daily environment, in which there needs can`t possibly be 100 met, and you`re supposed to drop off your child everyday, go to work, and not have guilty feelings. Yeah, right! There`s a reason we have guilt, guys. Guilt is a natural feeling that you are not doing absolutely everything you can, to ensure you child receives the best available child care.

Do children go to daycare for years and survive? Sure they do. Is their potential tapped, all of their needs met, and are they loved like they deserve? Think about it. What is a viable alternative for parents who do not want to put their children through the daycare experience?

Hiring a babysitter or nanny to come to your home is one option that enables your children to remain in a controlled environment that they are comfortable in. One drawback that we have seen “splashed” all over the news, is the fact that the child care provider has the opportunity to be abusive in your absence. It`s food for thought… but with today`s technology, a nanny cam can shut your babysitter down – immediately. Let your provider know you have, and plan to use the nanny cam, in advance of him or her starting to work for your family. Any honest, hard-working, and dependable professional will not have a problem with this, whatsoever.

Conversely, anyone who is “shady” is going to tell you how you are invading their privacy, taking away their rights, etc. The way all parents should look at this is simple: Your house, your child, YOUR rights! The babysitter or nanny is paid help. Nothing more. You don`t have to be best friends with your provider… it`s strictly a business relationship.

Going through a nanny or babysitting agency is one way to provide additional security for your family. Yes, agencies may have a slightly higher cost, but you are paying for the background screening, the guarantee, and additional assurance that your child is well taken care of, while you work. Peace of mind is priceless, afterall.

So what have we concluded, in this daycare versus in-home child care discussion? The best option is keeping your child in an environment that is comfortable, where they can have their needs met, and where they are loved. You do the math!

Christina Archer is the author of the “Bout Babies” Blog. To learn more about issues facing parents and families alike, visit the blog, at http://boutbabies.wordpress.com